Around by Miro Labs updates
Around by Miro Labs updates

Product Updates: August 2021 Edition 🔮

What’s New 🚨

Vertical Floating Mode.jpg

  • Vertical Floating Mode: And there was much rejoicing! You can now arrange your video circles vertically in addition to horizontally. Click the Floating Mode icon [B] to choose the layout that makes sense for how you work. Alternatively, while in Floating Mode, you can simply drag the window to the edge of the screen to switch layouts automatically.

Drawing on Screen Share.jpg

  • Annotations: Draw on and React to Screen Sharing: Another one of your most requested features is here! Enable drawing and emojis for everyone by toggling the corresponding buttons in the screen share toolbar. Now your team can give feedback on a design file or highlight areas they have questions about without interrupting the speaker. (P.S. It's also really fun.)

Note: This feature is only available when sharing the entire screen, not a specific window.

Safari and Firefox Browser Support.jpg

  • Join Meetings in the browser now including Safari and Firefox: Guest Mode is now available on Safari and Firefox (in addition to Chrome and Edge). Once you share a meeting link with a guest, they'll have the option to join from the browser without needing to download the app.

Improvements 🌟

  • You can now start a meeting in the browser directly from by clicking Open Around in Browser

  • Screen Sharing now shows 6 participant video circles (increased from 4)

  • When a user shares another URL from the same domain, their thought bubble will now flash to indicate the url has changed. This prevents confusion when the url is truncated and only shows the site domain

  • Minimal Mode toggle has been relocated to the bottom right of the Floating Mode window

Fixes 🐛

Here are some of the highlights:


  • Fixed an issue that caused a black square to appear under the Floating Mode window for some users

What’s Coming 🚴‍♀️

Our string of greatest hits continues with more of your most requested features on the way. Later this year we'll be adding video for the mobile app!

That's all for now! Ping us at if you run into any issues or just want to say dobrý den. 😍