Around by Miro Labs updates
Around by Miro Labs updates

Product Updates: December 2021 Edition

What’s New ❄️

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Large Meeting Support

We've heard a lot of feedback from our users that you enjoy using Around for smaller, action-oriented meetings like stand-ups or brainstorms, but that Around is missing some things that would make it the go-to for larger meetings like all-hands.

Over the past few months, we've been introducing features into Around that address this feedback, and with our latest addition, Video Scrolling, we're excited to say that we think Around is ready for the big(ger) stage. Our large meeting support includes:

  • Up to 50 participants in a meeting
  • View all meeting participants at a glance, along with their name, avatar, local time zone and options for interaction (like Pin for me) with the Attendee List. Additionally, the avatar of a user that is actively speaking is highlighted just like their video circle.
  • Never miss a reaction with the Reactions Feed, which shows GIF and emoji reactions for every participant whose video circle isn't currently visible.
  • Easily see everyone that's in the meeting by navigating through all the video circles using the Video Scrolling feature.
    Note: Video Scrolling is coming soon for Campfire Mode

Echo Prevention connection wizard.jpg

Echo Prevention Wizard

Our Echo Prevention feature (formerly known as EchoTerminator) allows people in the same room with different devices to connect to the same meeting with all mics on and no echo. There's no need to keep yourself muted or any expensive A/V equipment required, and as a result, hybrid-remote meetings feel more inclusive.

Because our users hold meetings in varying spaces with many different hardware configurations, we've introduced an Echo Prevention Wizard to make sure it's always easy to connect to an Echo Prevention group and resolve some of the common problems or questions that arise.

Setup dialog (_).jpg

Audio/Video Setup (Browser)

Say goodbye to scrambling to adjust your audio and video in the first seconds of a meeting. With our new audio/video setup, users can adjust their audio, video, and filter settings before jumping into a Room. And Around can remember your settings so it's even quicker to join future meetings.

Note: This feature is only available for users joining in the browser

Holiday Vibes.jpg

Holiday Vibes

Try out our new, limited edition Holiday Vibes to make your workdays feel a little less "bah humbug" and a little more "deck the halls."

Quality and Performance Updates 🌟

As Around matures from beta to 1.0, we are extremely focused on product quality, including battery usage, performance, CPU and memory usage, network stability and support for all popular devices and browsers. Please help us continue to improve Around by letting us know if you’re experiencing any issues with quality and performance. You can email us at


Share Webcam.jpg

  • While the video circle is great for keeping attention focused on you and not your environment, it can sometimes feel limiting when trying to show something in your space during a meeting. For those moments, we've introduced the Share Webcam feature so everyone can see your entire webcam. Click the Screen Sharing tab to get started.
    Note: A shared webcam will not show your video filter
  • Room names can now have accompanying emojis to bring even greater visibility – and style – to the meeting space. Edit or create a new room to try it out 🔥
  • Meeting URLs are now even easier to remember with our simplified URL structure example:
  • Logged-in users will be able to access their lobby from
  • EchoTerminator has been renamed to Echo Prevention
  • New users joining a room alone for the first time will now be able to experience the magic of Around with an immersive demo experience. Want to try it out? Just jump into a room by yourself, open the magic menu and click Experience Around in 45 seconds.


Here are some of the highlights:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause external cameras to show a zoomed-in, square image instead of the typical video circle
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Boom Party to not show at full size
  • Fixed an issue on macOS that could cause the window controls to not display

Until next year 🥂

What a year! We're so thankful for your continued support and look forward to making Around even better in the months and years to come.

That's all for now! Ping us at if you run into any issues or just want to say Привет. 👋