Around by Miro Labs updates
Around by Miro Labs updates

Product Updates: February 2023 Edition 🔮

What’s New 🚨

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Transcriptions (BETA)

Transcriptions are here! Now your team can easily reference what happened during the meeting, whether they were absent or just needed to refresh their memory on a specific topic.

Our Transcriptions feature quickly and accurately transcribes your recorded meetings and organizes them by attendee names and timestamps. Looking for a specific topic that was mentioned during a meeting? Just search for the keyword in the transcript and click on it to jump to that point in time in the recording.

How to create a transcript

Open the Recordings panel and click the Create a transcript icon beside the associated recording. Transcripts can be generated for any of your recordings regardless of when the recording was made.

Where to view a transcript

  • Transcript only: open the Recordings panel and select the View transcript icon beside the associated recording.
  • Transcript with recording: while watching a recording playback, open the meet menu, select Show Attendee List and then navigate to the Transcript tab.

Note: Live transcription is coming soon.

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Menu Bar App (macOS)

For some meetings, every minute is crucial. And when joining a meeting like this, the last thing you want to see is a message that says, “This update will only take a minute.”

With our new Menu Bar app for macOS, you’ll no longer have to wait for Around to launch or an update to complete. In addition to always being ready to go, the Menu Bar introduces a new way to start a meeting, schedule a meeting or join a room from a URL without needing to open the Lobby. Whenever you’re in a meeting, you can now control your audio and video or start a new screen share from the Menu Bar, no matter where the Around window is.

Where to find it: Add Around to your Menu Bar in Preferences → General.

Note: This feature is only available to macOS users.

Echo Prevention Bluetooth Discovery.jpg

Bluetooth Discovery for Echo Prevention

We’ve added Bluetooth discovery to Echo Prevention, which means that it will now work with more complex network setups or organizations that utilize VPNs.

Our Echo Prevention feature allows people in the same room to connect to the same meeting without echo. Until now, we’ve primarily relied on participants having the same network address to correctly discover and form an Echo Prevention group.

While this works well for most applications, this method may not discover all possible group participants at organizations with more complex network setups or that make use of a VPN. By enabling Bluetooth discovery, Echo Prevention groups can now be formed more quickly and reliably.

Where to find it: Enable Bluetooth discovery in Preferences → Audio.

Note: In order for this method to work effectively, other nearby attendees must also turn on Bluetooth discovery in their Preferences.

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Mobile App Chat

Our Chat feature allows users to communicate during a meeting without disrupting the current speaker. With our newest update, chat is now available for our Android and iOS users, so people on the go can be part of the conversation.

Where to find it: Click the chat icon next to the reactions bar.

Note: Haven’t tried out our mobile app yet? It has everything you need to collaborate with your team on the go, including screen sharing, seamless handoff between devices and AI noise cancellation to mute background noises. Download it now (iOS or Android) and let us know what you think!

Quality and Performance Updates 🌟


  • Updated sign in screen: All sign in methods are now prominently displayed so it's easy to find the right one.
  • UI Updates: We’ve made many small improvements to the Around UI, including:
    • Highlighting the Screen Sharing button to make it more prominent
    • Updating copy for several modals, alerts and dialogues for added clarity
    • Adding a Add to Google Calendar button directly in the meet window for scheduling future events
  • Listen to recordings on mobile: Audio playback of a recorded meeting is now available in browser on mobile, so anyone with a recording link can listen back on any device.


  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a user from launching Miro Mode
  • No more tiny faces. Emojis now display at the proper size on Windows
  • Very long user and room names have been truncated in some instances to prevent overflowing into another element
  • Recording playback performance has been improved, drastically reducing instances of stuck or flashing avatars


Let us know what you think 📣

As always, your feedback is instrumental in helping us build a product that you'll continue to love far into the future. Please reach out if there is anything we can do to make your Around by Miro Labs experience even better.

That's all for now! Ping us at if you run into any issues or just want to say привіт. 🇺🇦